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Welcome to Zentz & Roberts, P.C., your trusted partner for family law matters in the vibrant city of Noblesville, IN. Our dedicated team is committed to assisting individuals and families in navigating the complexities of various legal issues. Whether you are facing a divorce, child custody disputes, or need guidance on adoption, we understand the unique challenges that families encounter.

At Zentz & Roberts, we pride ourselves on providing compassionate and effective legal support tailored to the specific needs of our clients in Noblesville and our other practice areas. Let us be your advocates in achieving positive outcomes for your family law concerns.


Going through a divorce brings many complicated legal issues. A Noblesville divorce attorney guides you through each step of the process with care and expertise. We assist with filing the proper paperwork and help negotiate fair settlements covering child custody, visitation rights, child support, spousal maintenance, tax questions, and division of assets and debts.

If agreements cannot be reached out of court, an experienced family law attorney will vigorously defend your rights at trial. With personalized legal counsel, we aim to secure terms that allow you and your family to move forward in a stable financial situation after the dissolution of your marriage. Our compassionate support helps you make decisions positioning you for the best possible future. You and your needs matter. Please contact our practice to learn more about our services assisting with divorce and separation.


Adopting a child brings great joy but also legal complexities. We help guide you through every step of the process under Indiana law. We assist with paperwork and ensure you meet all requirements for domestic, foster, or relative adoptions.

If challenges arise, we vigorously represent your case so it can proceed successfully. We also provide counsel on associated matters like name changes and securing adoption assistance funds. With our support, you can focus on welcoming your child into a loving home. Please contact our office to learn more about how a family law lawyer can help Indiana families pursue adoption.

Child Custody & Support

When parents separate or divorce, we assist with establishing child custody and parenting time agreements. Our goal is to reach solutions that prioritize the child’s best interests while respecting both parents’ rights if there is a child custody dispute. We start by trying mediation and negotiation. If needed, we can fully represent you in litigation.

We also help modify existing custody orders when circumstances substantially change. Regarding child support, we establish, enforce, and when necessary, modify court-ordered obligations. Contact our Noblesville office for a free consultation and compassionate guidance on child custody and support matters during this difficult transition for you and your children.


We assist relatives and close family friends in obtaining temporary or permanent legal guardianship over minors when the parents are unable or unfit, as in circumstances of domestic violence, to provide care. Our attorneys guide you through filing the petition and representing you at the guardianship hearing. Once guardianship is established, we help you understand your legal duties. If circumstances change, and a Guardian Ad Litem is put into place, we can also petition the court to modify the guardianship order. We advocate for guardianship arrangements serving the child’s best interests. Contact our office if you need experienced legal counsel regarding Indiana family law and Indiana minor guardianships.


We help unmarried fathers establish legal rights concerning their children. This includes gaining custody, visitation, decision-making authority, and more.  If contested, we petition the court to order genetic testing and issue a decree conferring your paternal rights and duties under Indiana law. We aim to constructively resolve paternity disputes in the child’s best interests. Contact our office for experienced legal counsel regarding determining paternity.

DCS Litigation

At Zentz & Roberts, P.C., our Noblesville Indiana Family Law Attorneys are well-versed in handling cases involving the Indiana Department of Child Services (DCS), formerly known as CPS. We understand that parents facing accusations of abuse or neglect can find themselves in challenging situations, especially when dealing with an understaffed DCS and investigators who may not be adequately trained. False reports, often made for tactical advantages in divorce cases, are not uncommon, leading to unjust accusations.

If you are under investigation by DCS, it is crucial to enlist the assistance of an Indiana DCS/CHINS lawyer promptly to safeguard your child’s well-being. Our experienced attorneys are here to help you fight false accusations, represent your interests during investigations, advise if you need a criminal defense lawyer, and guide you through custody hearings. Contact us to speak with an Indiana DCS Attorney who can provide the necessary litigation services and expertise during these challenging times.

Estate Planning

Secure the future of your assets with our personalized estate planning services at Zentz & Roberts, P.C. As accomplished Indiana estate planning attorneys in Noblesville, we specialize in navigating the complexities of estate taxes and planning to ensure a seamless transfer of assets with minimal interference or delay. Whether you’re planning for yourself or a loved one, our dedicated team is here to guide you through the intricate process of estate planning.

We understand that creating a comprehensive estate plan goes beyond drafting a will—it involves meticulous consideration of various factors. Our skilled estate planning lawyers in Indianapolis are well-versed in Indiana estate planning law, offering expertise tailored to your unique needs. Whether you need assistance with estate administration, litigation, taxes, the creation of wills and trusts, or another legal issue, our top-rated Indiana estate planning law firm is here to provide the guidance you need. Contact us to schedule a meeting and take the first step toward securing your estate’s future.

Stages of a Family Law Case

Navigating the stages of a family law case requires careful attention and legal expertise. The journey typically looks like this:

  1. Filing a petition or motion
  2. Serving the other party
  3. Provisional hearing
  4. Discovery
  5. Mediation process
  6. Final hearing

The process begins with the filing of a petition or motion with a family court judge, initiating the legal proceedings. Subsequently, the other party or person is served with the necessary documents, marking the commencement of the case. At the provisional hearing, immediate issues are addressed temporarily until the final hearing. The discovery stage is crucial, as evidence gathered during this period significantly influences the case’s outcome.

A family law attorney plays a pivotal role in presenting compelling evidence to strengthen your legal position. Mediation may be employed to facilitate resolution. The case concludes with a final hearing where all matters are thoroughly examined, and a judge makes a final decision. Our experienced family law lawyers stand by your side, advocating for your rights and ensuring you are well-prepared at every turn and will have the best possible outcome.

How a Noblesville Family Law Attorney Can Help

We assist individuals and families in Hamilton County with all types of family law matters. Whether you need a skilled litigator for help with divorce from your spouse, child custody and support, adoption, guardianship, or other family issues, our Noblesville family law attorneys listen with compassion and find a solution. We clearly explain your rights and options under the law. If negotiations fail to bring resolution, we vigorously advocate for your interests in court while seeking outcomes mindful of any children’s wellbeing. Contact our office to take advantage of our experienced family law representation and knowledge tailored to your circumstances.

Living in Noblesville

Noblesville offers an enviable combination of small-town charm, historic architecture, outdoor recreation, and cultural attractions with convenient access to Indianapolis. In a 2022 SmartAsset study analyzing nearly 500 suburbs nationwide, Noblesville ranked 4th overall for its abundance of jobs, affordability, and high livability score. Life in Noblesville is characterized by its picturesque downtown, lined with brick streets, boutique shops, and inviting eateries. Whether strolling through the farmers’ market, attending local events, or enjoying the thriving arts scene, life in Noblesville is a delightful blend of small-town charm and modern vitality. With highly-rated schools, low crime, and plenty of dining and entertainment options, Noblesville’s sense of community solidifies its status as one of the most appealing suburbs in the Midwest.

Zentz & Roberts – Noblesville Family Law Attorneys

If you’re facing challenging family matters or need personalized estate planning assistance, look no further than Zentz & Roberts, P.C. Whether it’s divorce, custody disputes, adoption, or DCS child abuse cases, we have the expertise to support you. Our firm goes beyond family law by offering tailored estate planning services to ensure your future is secure. Contact us today to request trusted legal counsel and compassionate assistance during these critical moments from a family law attorney in Noblesville, IN – 317-220-6056. Have no fear, begin with a free consultation to determine the best steps for your situation.