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Simplifying Probate For You

After someone you love dies, the thought of navigating the probate can feel overwhelming. You are already grieving and you must shoulder the burden of a complicated legal process. Fortunately, you are not on your own.

Our team of attorneys at Zentz & Roberts, P.C is ready to work with you. With extensive experience, we have helped countless Indiana individuals probate their loved ones’ estates. We work with administrators, executors and other interested parties, ensuring that you understand your options and make the choices that are right for your family.

Strategic Probate Avoidance Techniques

If you are currently making an estate plan, you are probably interested in probate avoidance strategies. As skilled estate planning lawyers, we help our clients keep their assets out of the court’s hands. Some of the strategies we can implement include:

  • Living trusts
  • Joint tenancy
  • Tenancy by entirety
  • Payable-on-death accounts
  • Transfer-on-death deeds and registration

We take the time to speak with you in detail about your goals for your assets. Then, we can discuss the techniques to implement these goals. Our priority is for you to have peace of mind knowing that your hard-earned wealth will pass to the people you love without being tied up in probate unnecessarily.

Compassionate – Caring – Affordable

Clients turn to us for more than just our legal acumen. We also offer compassion, care and understanding when you need it the most. In addition, our affordable rates mean that you can pay for a lawyer without worrying about paying your bills.

Make Probate Simpler

You do not need to shoulder the steps of probate by yourself. Your advocates at Zentz & Roberts, P.C are prepared to help. To schedule an initial consultation with one of our team members, please contact our office in Indianapolis. Call 317-220-6056 or send us an email.

***Please note: This page is not intended to give specific legal advice but is meant for information purposes only. Contact us to discuss your case***