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What Kind of Cases Do Family Lawyers Handle

by | Jul 6, 2020 | Family Law


Family lawyers are legal professionals that handle issue concerned with a member of the family. Essentially, they deal with family law. Family lawyers can mediate between conflicting members of the family and represent litigants for cases that end up in court. If you need an Indiana family lawyer, give our office a call at 317-220-6056 for help today!

Although criminal lawyers are the most popular, Indiana family lawyers are equally important. Since family law is complex and requires a great deal of responsibility, especially when dealing with children, it is prudent that you involve a seasoned family lawyer. So what type of case, do family lawyers handle?



Divorce is draining, both mentally and emotionally. Today a significant number of marriages are ending up in divorce, either due to misconduct or couples gradually growing part.  Either way, dissolving a marriage is not easy. When emotions set in, it becomes difficult for the couple to settle matters calmly. This is where an Indiana divorce lawyer comes in handy. They act as mediators and help the couple to approach issues from ration and legal angles. This means that family lawyers help couples settle the divorce without necessarily going to court. Also, divorce cases involve a myriad of issues, including child custody and property distribution, which require a vast understanding of the law.

Family Lawyer Help with Child Custody Agreements

Handling children is one of the most challenging issues after separation. Due to the sensitivity of child custody, hearing the cases require compassion. Couples need to agree on how to take care of children under the new agreement.  Child custody agreement stipulates the terms under which the parents have to live with. A seasoned family attorney can help draft a child custody agreement and amend it if need be. They can help come up with a sole child custody agreement or agreement that benefits both parents.

Family Lawyers Help with Adoptions Cases

If you are planning to add another member to your family law lawyer can help you make the process a breeze. Child adoption in Indiana is an expensive, lengthy, and usually complex process. Family law has various regulations that are tailored to protect the best interest of the child. Hiring a family law attorney to ensure that you do not make any missteps. Additionally, they can help expedite the process, which can be marred with delays due to a massive amount of paperwork.

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Protection Orders for Domestic Violence

Domestic cases involve abuses and threats between couples.  Domestic violence is stressful and quite challenging. Family laws attorneys help obtain orders of protection or restraining order. Similarly, if you are accused of domestic violence wrongly, family law attorneys can help. Lawyers help victims under threat of physical harm to petition court requesting a restraining order.


Family Lawyers Help with Child Support

Child and spousal support are some of the most common types of family law cases. These cases are also referred to as alimony.  Usually, these cases accompany divorce and tend to be quite contentious.

Handling Prenuptial Agreements

A prenuptial agreement is a contract between couples before marriage. It clarifies the division of property and spousal support in case of death or divorce. Besides drafting the agreement, laws can help legally solve issues that arise from the contract.

So, When Do You Need to Have a Family Lawyer?

Family law cases are quite complex. Hiring an expert family law attorney ensures that you have a favorable outcome. Seasoned family law attorneys understand the outs of the law and will walk with you in every step. Whether it is child custody or divorce case, ensure you involve the services of family law lawyers. Give the team at Zentz & Roberts, P.C a call at 317-220-6056.

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