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What is a child custody transfer?

by | Jan 6, 2022 | Firm News

If you are no longer in a relationship with your children’s other parent, you may not be able to cut him or her out of your life completely. After all, if you share custody, you may need to see your ex every time you drop off and pick up your kids.

Your child custody transfer is the interaction you have with a co-parent when the children are transitioning between households. Depending on your custody agreement, these transfers may occur once, twice or even three times per week.

Transferring Custody of Child: where do custody transfers happen?

After your custody transfers become old hat, you may be able to conduct them at either your home or your ex’s house. In the first few months after your divorce or separation, though, you may want to transfer custody at a neutral location. To set realistic expectations, it is advisable to include the location of your custody transfers in your custody agreement or parenting plan.

How can you prepare for custody transfers?

If you and your ex had an acrimonious relationship, your custody transfers may turn into shouting matches or worse. To keep conflict in check, it is critical to prepare both yourself and your children for each custody transfer. Here are some tips:

  • Pack essential items, such as toys, clothing and homework, the night before the transfer
  • Feed your kids before you go to the transfer location
  • Dress your children appropriately for weather conditions
  • Arrive at the transfer location a bit early
  • Notify your ex of any foreseeable delays or changes in plans

Ultimately, any effort you put into making your custody transfers a success is likely to benefit you, your children and your ex.

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