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Can Your Divorce Improve the Quality of Your Work?

by | May 15, 2024 | Divorce, Family Law | 0 comments

Divorce can be incredibly demanding, both financially and emotionally. On top of the stress of filing itself, it will impact other areas of your life, but these effects aren’t always negative. You may find that your divorce gives you newfound vigor and may actually improve aspects of your life. 

Some studies even indicate that divorce can positively impact your work. According to two recent studies, some people going through the divorce process or who divorced recently found that the quality of their work improved. 

In this blog, we’ll discuss details from the two studies and how your divorce may affect your work life. If you need additional information or legal guidance amidst a divorce, contact the Indiana divorce lawyers at Zentz & Roberts, P.C. Attorneys at Law by calling 317-220-6056

Can Your Divorce Improve the Quality of Your Work?

Can Your Divorce Improve the Quality of Your Work? In 2022, two professors from the University of Minnesota and a recent Ph.D. graduate conducted research into how divorce impacts one’s work and motivation. They published their intriguing and enlightening findings in the Journal of Personnel Psychology.  

The first study that the group conducted surveyed over 500 individuals who were either going through a divorce or had divorced within the last five years. One integral part of the survey asked whether the respondents’ divorces positively or negatively impacted their work. 

The survey answers varied substantially from person to person. Some divorcees indicated that the quality of their work improved during and after divorce, while some of the survey respondents revealed that their divorce negatively affected their work. 

Surprisingly, the percentage of those who had positive effects was relatively similar to the percentage of negative effects. Around 44% stated that they agreed with the statement that divorce had a negative impact on their work. On the other hand, 39% said they agreed with the statement that their divorce had a positive impact on their work. 

family law divorceThe survey suggests that divorce has different impacts on people and is not always negative. For some, the emotional weight of the dissolution can lead to distractions and distress that diminishes work performance. For others, divorce can reduce stress and imbue workers with new career motivation.

How Could Divorce Impact My Work?

The second study comprising the University of Minnesota’s research involved analyzing how grief impacted divorcees’ work. It also contained insights into the factors that may cause a person to experience more distress when divorcing

Some who took part in the study indicated that their divorces negatively affected their moods as well as their overall health. Their divorces caused a great deal of stress and grief. This, in turn, impacted their motivation at work and overall work performance. They reported feeling incredibly distracted while at work due to emotional distress.  

In contrast, others felt their divorces were a relief that enabled them to improve their work performances. They felt that the failing relationship itself was creating a stressful burden. The divorce inspired renewed energy in their work and careers.

Why Might Divorce Negatively Impact My Work?

The aforementioned study concluded that there are three major factors dictating whether respondents had a great deal of emotional difficulty with divorce. 

The first factor was whether the marriage was considered “higher quality” at one time. A higher-quality marriage is one that positively impacts the spouses. With a high-quality marriage, spouses can rely on one another for emotional and social support. A higher quality marriage can even have a positive impact on one’s work. 

A lower-quality marriage is characterized by a lack of love and poor communication. The spouses largely can’t rely on one another for support, and the marriage itself is a source of tension. 

Unsurprisingly, the dissolution of a higher-quality marriage carries more of a negative impact than a lower-quality one. Respondents who reported having a higher-quality marriage were more likely to struggle with grief and poor work performance. 

The second critical factor involved money. Those who knew they would have less financial stability after the dissolution of their marriage were more likely to struggle both professionally and emotionally. The financial stress of the divorce negatively impacted respondents. 

The third major factor may surprise you. Reportedly, divorced parents experienced lower emotional distress levels than couples who didn’t have children. Parents were less likely to struggle at work compared to those who didn’t have children.

Finally, the study provided some hope and relief for those having a hard time with a divorce. It said that respondents who reported feeling grief during their divorces found that they felt notably better a year later. They had more motivation at work and their overall health improved. 

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If you’re currently going through the divorce process, you may be struggling with grief and motivation at work. As we’ve seen, divorce can be emotionally taxing, and it can negatively impact other areas of your life as well. This, coupled with complications in divorce filings, can feel overwhelming. 

Fortunately, you don’t need to go through the filing process on your own. You can have a divorce attorney help you with the entire process. 

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